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Work through past trauma.


Live differently now.

Yukon Therapy provides trauma and attachment counselling in Whitehorse, Yukon. We specialize in EMDR and other evidence-based therapies specific to trauma and its impacts on relationships, self-worth, identity, and ability to regulate. 

Strength-Based Trauma Counselling

We are shaped by trauma and early experiences in life. 

Trauma and early childhood relationships can affect:

  • our choices
  • our relationships
  • our self-worth
  • our ability to feel safe
  • our ability to feel connected in safe and healthy ways
  • our ability to calm ourselves in stressful situations
  • experiences of anxiety and depression
  • use of external soothing strategies (alcohol, drugs, eating, shopping, sex) 
  • distorted views of ourselves and others
  • how we respond under stress or perceived attack

As adults, we may notice that our lives are not working for us. We might be more irritable or anxious, or numbed out and shut down. We might be overreacting to a spouse, partner or child over little things. We might find ourselves unable to cope, trying to use alcohol or drugs to get through. Or we might just find ourselves overwhelmed with life.

I will work with you to identify which negative beliefs and experiences are steering your choices, and shift them to something more accurate and helpful. You can build new ways to respond to stressful situations.

In our work together, we can reprocess traumatic experiences from the past. We might explore how you can integrate younger selves that might have gotten stuck developmentally in the trauma. We might look at ways for you to have a stronger voice in your life. Or we might decide that what you need is to rest, recover, and find ways to soothe yourself in healthy ways.

You can take steps toward a life 

where you are not controlled by your past.

Jen Olson, MSW RSW

I am a trauma therapist with over 20 years of clinical experience. My main focus is trauma and attachment. 

I use EMDR and other therapies (narrative, ego state, emotionally focused therapy). I work with people affected by complex trauma and early attachment wounds, intergenerational survivors of residential school, first responders and people who have experienced psychological work injuries. 

Find out more about me and how I can help.



Jen Olson, MSW RSW 

 867 334 6074

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